Quality: Average

Type: Mercenary High upkeep, often slightly reduced morale and discipline

Soldiers: 61

Attack: 5

Charge: 2

Weapon Type: Melee

Defense: 7

Armour: 0

Defense Skill: 4

Shield: 3

Hit Points: 1

Recruitment Cost: 100 (or 215)

Upkeep: 195

Reckless and fanatical religious warriors armed with an axe, capable of devastating attacks.
Ghazis are wild religious warriors seeking to find paradise through combat. Armed with a large axe and fiery fanaticism, these soldiers recklessly throw themselves into combat no matter the odds, caring little about their commander's orders. Armed with a one-handed axe, these soldiers will try to hack and slash their way through anything.

Ghazis are available during Islamic Jihads. Except in Anatolia, where they are available to Islamic factions for 215 florins.