Quality: Elite

Type: Mercenary High upkeep, often slightly reduced morale and discipline

Soldiers: 63

Attack: 11

Charge: 6

Weapon Type: Melee

Defense: 16

Armour: 7

Defense Skill: 9

Shield: 0

Hit Points: 1

Recruitment Cost: Varies (620-720)


Very experienced mercenaries, protected by a heavy breast-plate and armed with a mighty two-handed sword.
Doppelsöldner are Landsknechts who are prepared to fight in the front line, taking an extra risk, in exchange for double payment. The stated ratio was that one Landsknecht in four would be a Doppelsöldner. Likewise, Landsknechts schooled in the use of the Zweihander, a massive two-handed sword, were entitled to double pay and thus qualified as Doppelsöldner.
Doppelsöldner are available after 1460.