The Grand Duchy of Lithuania

Soldiers: 23

Attack vs. Soldiers: 63

Attack vs. Buildings: 30

Charge: 0

Weapon Type: Cannon

Defense: 6

Armour: 3

Defense Skill: 3

Shield: 0

Hit Points: 1

Recruitment Cost: 1100

Upkeep: 150

Light cannon designed for use against soldiers rather than walls.
The serpentine is so named, because its long slender barrel resembles a snake. This piece is designed for attacking enemy soldiers, rather than walls. Its long thin barrel gives it good range and accuracy, and its small calibre ammunition makes it quicker to reload than heavier pieces.

  • Gunsmith
  • Cannon Maker
  • Cannon Foundry
  • Serpentine are recruited in Northern European Cities or Castles with a Cannon Foundry after the Gothic Plate Armor Event of the mid 15th century (1450-1460).

  • Buildings to raise Gunpowder Artillery units are available after "A Deadly New Weapon!" [Gunpowder] is discovered in the mid-13th century (1240-1250)