The Crusader States

Quality: Average

Type: Religious OrderImproved morale, reduced upkeep cost

Soldiers: 78

Attack: 3

Charge: 3

Weapon Type: Melee

Defense: 14

Armour: 4

Defense Skill: 3

Shield: 7

Hit Points: 1

Recruitment Cost: 420

Upkeep: 90

Templar Sergeants are soldiers unable to join the ranks of the Templar Knights. Armed with a spear and light armour, very effective against cavalry.
To be a Templar Knight one has to be the son or descendant of a knight. Templar Sergeants are professional soldiers unable to become Knights. Armed with a spear and light armour, these Templar brethren are very effective against cavalry and no less belligerent on the battlefield than their knightly brothers.

  • Mustering Hall
  • Garrison Quarters
  • In Castles, Templar Sergeants are recruited with a Garrison Quarters after the Council of Troyes Event (1129).