The Seljuk Sultanate

Quality: Average

Type: Late Professional Increased training time based on unit type and quality, higher proportion of disciplined units

Soldiers: 76

Melee: 2

Missile: 4

Charge: 2

Weapon Type: Missile

Defense: 10

Armour: 2

Defense Skill: 6

Shield: 2

Hit Points: 1

Recruitment Cost: 490

Upkeep: 190

Basic Turkish infantry equipped with crossbows and padded armour.
The growing popularity of the crossbow in the Middle East, amongst both Christians and Muslims corresponds to heavier armour being employed more widely amongst soldiers, particularly cavalry. It is no surprise then to see the crossbow amongst the Seljuk, despite their reputation for light swift soldiers.

  • Bowyer
  • Practice Range
  • In Castles, Turkish Archers are recruited with a Practice Range.