The Dominions of the Almoravids

Quality: Average

Type: Local

Soldiers: 30

Melee: 5

Missile: 7

Charge: 5

Weapon Type: Missile

Defense: 6

Armour: 4

Defense Skill: 2

Shield: 0

Hit Points: 1

Recruitment Cost: 335

Upkeep: 225

These soldiers combine the crossbow, favoured by Granadine soldiers, with the Eastern tradition of mobile warfare.
The crossbow is a favourite weapon of the men of Granada, being both easy to use, and effective against the armour of their Christian foes. These companies combine it with the Eastern tradition of mobile warfare. Their mobility allows them to stay out of trouble while they reload.

  • Bowyer
  • Practice Range
  • Archery Range
  • In Castles, Granadine Crossbow Cavalry are recruited in Archery Ranges after the New Era event of 1300.