The Kingdom of Hungary

Quality: Average

Type: LocalLacks formal military training, typically low discipline and less morale

Soldiers: 61

Melee: 2

Missile: 3

Charge: 2

Weapon Type: Missile

Defense: 9

Armour: 0

Defense Skill: 6

Shield: 3

Hit Points: 1

Recruitment Cost: 380

Upkeep: 120

Bosnian archers are lightly armoured, well trained archers with the added protection of a winged shield.
Due to the fractious nature of the region, Bosnian archers get a lot of practice and are highly skilled. Like most missile soldiers they are lightly armoured, except that they carry a large wing type shield.

  • Bowyer
  • Practice Range
  • In Castles, Bosian Archers are recruited with a Practice Range.