The Holy Roman Empire

Quality: Militia

Type: Urban MilitiaFree upkeep in cities, reduced morale in the field.

Soldiers: 101

Attack: 2

Charge: 2

Weapon Type: Melee

Defense: 10

Armour: 2

Defense Skill: 1

Shield: 7

Hit Points: 1

Recruitment Cost: 290

Upkeep: 200

Well trained militia equipped with good armour and a spear, able to form a defensive ring of spears.
Urban Spear Militia are comprised of more experienced soldiers with some armour and long spears, making them a tough defensive company.

  • Town Watch
  • Town Guard
  • City Watch
  • Urban Spear Militia are recruited in Cities with a City Watch after the Heavy Mail Armor Event (early 13th Century -- around 1200-1215) and available until the Matchlock event in the mid-15th century (1420-1440).