Quality: Average

Type: Urban Professional Increased training time based on unit type and quality, higher proportion of disciplined unit

Soldiers: 75

Melee: 2

Missile: 22

Charge: 1

Weapon Type: Firearm

Defense: 5

Armour: 0

Defense Skill: 5

Shield: 0

Hit Points: 1

Recruitment Cost: 405

Upkeep: 140

This is the later, lighter version of the musket. Firing a heavy shot to a good range, it causes fear, and can pierce any armour.
This weapon is similar to the late arquebus and lighter and handier than the heavier musket that preceeded it. The noise, smoke and lethality of this weapon causes fear in its targets.

  • Town Watch
  • Town Guard
  • City Watch
  • Militia Drill Square
  • Militia Barracks
  • Army Barracks
  • Royal Armoury
  • Late Musketeers are available in Cities with an Royal Armoury after the Advanced Matchlock event of the late 16th century (1580-1600).