Quality: Exceptional

Type: Religious OrderImproved morale, reduced upkeep cost

Soldiers: 31

Attack: 8

Charge: 14

Weapon Type: Melee

Defense: 19

Armour: 10

Defense Skill: 4

Shield: 5

Hit Points: 1

Recruitment Cost: 1450

Upkeep: 250

Elite and some say reckless knights formed to protect Christian pilgrims in the Holy Lands.
The Knights Templar, a fearsome and uncompromising order, were formed shortly after the First Crusade to protect pilgrims. Despite their origins, the order became hugely wealthy and operated the first banking system in Europe. They were disbanded in 1307, after hundreds of Templars were simultaneously arrested and tortured in France on orders from the Pope and the King of France. Heresy being the main charge. Politics aside, they were famed warriors.

  • Templar's Minor Chapter House
  • Knights Templar are available to Cities of certain factions that have been rewarded with Templar's Minor Chapter House.