The Fatimid Caliphate

Soldiers: 21

Attack vs. Soldiers: 63

Attack vs. Buildings: 5

Charge: 0

Weapon Type: Cannon

Defense: 9

Armour: 2

Defense Skill: 7

Shield: 0

Hit Points: 1

Recruitment Cost: 590

Upkeep: 200

Great siege engine capable of throwing exploding barrels of oil
The original Mangonel was first used in Roman times to fling large rocks at enemies. This Mangonel, though bearing some resemblance to its forebear, is far larger than its Roman counterparts. One other surprising addition is that this Mangonel throws burning barrels of oil! These barrels often explode in mid air, unleashing a torrent of fire down on its poor victims below.

  • Ballista
  • Catapult Maker
  • Siege Works
  • Mangonel are recruited in European Cities or Castles with Siege Works.