The Fatimid Caliphate

Soldiers: 50

Attack: 18

Charge: 1

Weapon Type: Crude

Defense: 18

Armour: 0

Defense Skill: 18

Shield: 0

Hit Points: 1

Recruitment Cost: 1010

Upkeep: 275

A superior version of the war galley equipped with gunpowder weapons. Large, heavier and more durable than a war galley.
The Lanternas is the premier version of the war galley, now equipped with gun powder weapons! Being larger, heavier, more durable and better equipped than the war galley, the Lanternas is used by naval commanders in the Mediterranean during the 15th century. Featuring multiple centreline guns and some flanking guns it can take on and destroy war galleys.

  • Port
  • Shipwright
  • Dockyard
  • Lanternas are recruited in Islamic Cities and Castles with a Dockyard.