The Byzantium Empire

Quality: Average

Type: Late Professional Increased training time based on unit type and quality, higher proportion of disciplined units

Soldiers: 42

Attack: 4

Charge Bonus: 9

Weapon Type: Melee

Defense: 12

Armour: 4

Defense Skill: 3

Shield: 5

Hit Points: 1

Recruitment Cost: 1000

Upkeep: 200

Professional cavalry armed with heavy spears, swords and shields.
The cost of a soldier's armour, weapons and horse as well as the time requirements for full military service forced the Empire to increase the size of the military farms (known as "mikrae pronoiae") as payment These soldiers were the majority of the troops in any medieval Roman army. While armed with heavy spears, swords and good quality armour, Stratiotae were not shock assault cavalry like western European knights. Instead, they were mostly used as mobile strategic troops, used to attack an enemy's flank and rear.

  • Stables
  • Cavalry Stables
  • In Castles,Stratiotae are recruited with Cavalry Stables.