Soldiers: 75

Attack: 35

Charge: 1

Weapon Type: Crude

Defense: 35

Armour: 0

Defense Skill: 35

Shield: 0

Hit Points: 1

Recruitment Cost: 1940

Upkeep: 350

A supremely powerful warship. Sporting heavy cannon broadsides and a thick hull. Can travel across the ocean.
Precursor to the great galleon of later centuries, the Grande Carrack is a superior version of the Carrack, used in the late 15th century and early 16th century. Larger and better armed and armoured, this awesome example of sea power is a hard nut to crack.

  • Port
  • Shipwright
  • Dockyard
  • Naval Drydock
  • Grande Carracks are recruited in Cities and Castles with a Naval Drydock*.

*Naval Drydocks are available after the World is Round Event of the early 15th century.